Friday, October 06, 2006

Every minute of every hour, I love a sunflower

Hi folks, sorry it's been a bit quiet lately. So there's something new this month, I thought I'd experiment with photoblogging: here are a couple of snaps I took near work a couple of weeks ago. I've attempted to crop them so as to protect the privacy of the people who live in the houses.

Ideally, I suppose I should have started taking photos in the summer when the flowers are in fuller bloom; but then I suppose ideally I should have known what I was doing.

And here's a picture of a calf we saw in the New Forest. Aaah.


At 1:39 am, Blogger BiB said...

When I was growing up in relatively central London (by London standards. Miles from the centre as far as foreigners are concerned), even our funny little garden had huge sunflowers towering above me. Bliss.


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