Saturday, March 18, 2006

Culture shock

Well, I did promise I was going to report back on my slightly cultured week off didn't I?

Among other things, we visited the National Gallery's
Americans In Paris exhibition, a major examination of the many artists who moved from the USA to France in the late nineteenth century. Those familiar with my level of expertise in art history may not be surprised to learn that I entered the first room thinking "Who's that guy who looks like Dave Lee Travis?"

It proves to have been
Carolus-Duran, painted by his pupil John Singer Sargeant (whose notorious Madame X is the centrepiece of the exhibition). He does rather have the look of a man who's a bit fed up with people saying they used to watch him presenting Top of the Pops.

You be the judge:

This illustration is one of many shots from Radio 1's 25th Anniversary brochure helpfully archived at
Aircheck Museum. Why not check out the selection of gorgeous pouting DJ publicity photos from the early 1990s, and wonder why we were laughing at 70s design back then?

The exhibition was very good by the way.
The Royal Academy's
China: The Three Emperors doesn't come cheap but does contain some impressive works not often seen in Europe; there are some especially impressive scrolls, and a cute picture of some rabbits (sadly not on the website, but it made for a very welcome birthday card).
Also getting the Faynights seal of approval was the
Wildlife Photographer Of The Year display at the Natural History Museum. We took the opportunity to revisit the Lawrence Of Arabia exhibit at the Imperial War Museum too, which still has a few weeks to run.


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