Sunday, June 18, 2006

Watching the wheels go round and round...

Somehow, it seems like I've been too busy reading other people's blogs to add anything to my own lately. I'm still around though, so maybe it's time for a few little updates on what's happened in the last couple of months. In no particular order:

The Perishers ends six months after the demise of Maurice Dodd. It seems only right not to continue the strip without him, especially as it wasn't at its best towards the end, but it's a pity that it faded away like this, with all the books long out of print.

Grant McLennan, co-founder of
The Go-Betweens, died in early May. It was barely a year since the release of the album Oceans Apart, one of their finest. You can read an obituary at No Rock & Roll Fun or check out Sweeping The Nation's guide.

George Bush did something stupid. I didn't actually need to check that bit.

England have managed to score some goals.

And on a self-promoting note, the
Hit Parade Blog has now entered the Top 30.


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