Saturday, March 26, 2005

Revolution in the Summertime?

Still difficult to know what's happening in Kyrgyzstan at the moment. Hard to tell even who's running the place now, or whether we'll get a positive outcome. Hard as it is not to enjoy the thought of Putin squirming, I always have reservations about violence of any kind. I've had a quick glance at the
BBC comments page and I have to confess a certian national pride that people from so far afield would even think to contact a British news organisation.

Of course, there's always one person (in this case, one Youri Lysogorov) who'll bleat that "The elections were as fair as it is possible in this part of the world. And I mean you cannot expect more democracy at the moment." I wonder whether he's the Yuri Lysogorov whom Google identifies as a member of the Kyrgyz government. Maybe it's a coincidence though; there seem to be enough people prepared to consider democracy as an optional extra for the former Soviet world.


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