Friday, March 04, 2005

Radio Faynights

Ok, not exactly but we've set up an
online station at Launchcast. As far as possible, this is based on the music we actually own, not necessarily the stuff we recommend, though you may be pleased to know that they haven't got as many Shed Seven records as I. The bulk of it is in there, from the extremely cool records we never listen to right through to the deperately uncool ones I love. I've also attempted to take some account of both mine and Laura's opinions - although I haven't felt able to turn off any of the records we own, and even went so far as to get rid of a couple of them. Anybody want a vinyl copy of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?

Unfortunately, if you're not a "premium user" (which we are; it's one of the things I do like about using BT as an ISP) then you'll have to sit through adverts which are every bit as good as offline radio ads, but with the added advantage that unless you live in the USA you couldn't buy most of the products even if you wanted to. The advantage of online radio is that there's a little time display, so you know exactly how long to switch your speakers off for.

It was an entertaining little exercise for me to rate all the tracks, and shut off all the people whose records we don't own, even if it was slightly painful to remind myself that there are so many frankly inexcusable gaps.


At 9:59 pm, Blogger Laura Brown said...

Also, Launch has very little classical music, so it can't accurately reflect my part of the collection, at least.


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