Sunday, August 20, 2006

So oddly interrupted

Apologies for the long, long silence on my part, but real life caught up with me unexpectedly. A few of the things I have been doing since March:

  • I completed my diploma in Religious Studies (with an emphasis on Biblical languages) at Birkbeck College. Now I just need to work out what to do with it. My last class involved writing several long papers; I'll try to post the less embarrassing of these here.
  • I spent a couple of months writing a poem for BBC Wildlife Magazine's Wildlife Poet of the Year competition. I hadn't written a poem for many years, but enjoyed this one enough to think I ought to do it more often. It appears that my entry didn't win anything. But I still maintain that it is the best sonnet ever written about the reproductive cycle of moss.
  • Some stuff was going on at work that I can't talk about in detail, but that has now been resolved (favourably, I'm glad to say).
  • Most recently, I've embarked on a project to read all the books on my "to be read" shelves before the next influx of books comes in at Christmas. I had nearly 80 to read when I started, and am now down to 48 (though admittedly I took a few books to the charity shop without finishing them when I decided they weren't worth struggling through). I've just started Keats and Embarrassment by Christopher Ricks, which is interesting if not wholly convincing. (I bought my copy used, and it appears that the previous owner was not impressed, having written "JESUS WEPT!" in several places in the margin.)

I can't predict when regular posts will resume, but will try to pop in now and then to confirm that I'm still alive. I'm sure Chris will keep you entertained in the meantime.


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