Sunday, January 01, 2006

Y. Bhekhirst

While exploring the outsider music category of Wikipedia, I recently found out about a very bizarre, yet somehow inescapably appealing, musician called Y. Bhekhirst (almost certainly not his real name). Sadly, I haven't been able to find a complete copy of his sole, cassette-only album Hot in the Airport -- it's allegedly distributed for download by, but none of their 'digital partners' appear to have it. However, there are several tracks available at

Until recently, information about Bhekhirst on the Web has been scanty and scattered over several sites. So I was delighted to find that Jonathan Benney has started a
Bhekhirst home page that gathers together everything that is known about the man and his music, with the addition of Benney's own very thoughtful observations. I particularly like his summary of Bhekhirst's appeal:

My fascination with Y.'s music is that it is simultaneously addictive and repugnant. It's proof that music of any style or level of competence can be considered "catchy". It is also phenomenally irritating, almost disturbingly bizarre, and remarkably incompetent.

Another good site for information and theories about Bhekhirst is Phil S.'s weblog, Eyes that Can See in the Dark.


At 6:27 am, Blogger ETCSITD said...

Laura, could you drop me an email at the address on my site? I have a couple quick questions, and wasn't able to find a contact link on your blog (so I went and signed up for a Blogger account to be able to leave this message). Thanks!

-- Phil (of Eyes That Can See in the Dark)


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