Monday, January 02, 2006

O potto, where art thou?

Back in October, I posted that London Zoo's pottos would be staying in the zoo while the small mammal house was refurbished. With one thing and another, I didn't have a chance to visit for a few months, but finally went shortly before Christmas.

I was looking forward to seeing the pottos again, but was concerned not to find them in the former elephant house, where the small mammals are supposed to be. They weren't with the aye-ayes and lemurs either, nor in any of the other buildings we checked. The nice people at the animal adoption kiosk assured me they had been kept in London, and that as far as they knew they were meant to be on display in the elephant house. I double-checked: nothing, not even a placard, and the keepers in that building had never seen them.

I'm now waiting for the zoo to get back to me when they've found out the pottos' location. I know the little creatures don't like to draw attention to themselves, but on the other hand, they can't have got far ....


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