Thursday, November 17, 2005

Get Fuzzy is BACK!

OK, technically Get Fuzzy never went away, but in recent weeks it's been uninspired. The cartoonist, Darby Conley, seemingly had trouble focusing on a coherent story arc and settled for predictable one-off gags that sometimes raised the disturbing spectre of Garfield squashing a spider.

Happily, the drought seems to have ended. This week's series of strips has been a corker (especially
Monday, Tuesday and above all Wednesday - there's one I'd cut out and put on the fridge if I actually read it in a newspaper). Even the style of drawing has improved: Whereas recent strips had sometimes dwindled to talking heads, the latest instalments have returned to Conley's hallmarks of unusual perspective and quirky detail. Let's hope it stays that way.

As of yesterday, Conley has fewer worries to interfere with creativity: He's managed to
settle out of court with sportscaster Bob Lobel, who had filed a potentially nasty lawsuit against him for a strip that implied Lobel was drunk on the air. (Lobel's behaviour is apparently common knowledge in Boston, where he works, but he still tends to sue people who are rude enough to mention it.) Conley got away with an apology and a donation to charity.


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