Monday, September 05, 2005

New Orleans tidbits

One bright spot in the awful news from Hurricane Katrina is that the Audubon Zoo has survived with relatively little damage:

The famous Audubon Zoo has the good fortune of being located on some of the city's highest ground, but it also had a disaster plan for the animals that worked better than the city's plan for humans.

The only fatalities so far were two otters and a raccoon, zoo curator Dan Maloney said on Sunday.

He said the zoo had planned for years for the catastrophic storm that has long been predicted for New Orleans, which is mostly below sea level and almost surrounded by water.

Fourteen staffers stayed at the zoo to care for the animals throughout the storm and the aftermath that has left New Orleans in ruins.

"We stayed here because the animals can't leave," he said. "We were almost done with our ark and were training the animals to march in two-by-two, but we just didn't make it."

Also, a transcript of Andrei Codrescu's radio commentary, which I mentioned in an earlier post, is now available on the web site of his literary magazine, Exquisite Corpse.


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