Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Fuschia Feline

Many cat owners wonder where their pet goes when it wanders off, but not as much as this couple:

A couple are mystified by how their white cat turned pink during a morning stroll.

Philip and Joan Worth have been told by vets that Brumas, named after the first polar bear born at London Zoo, is not toxic. But no explanation can be found for the Barbie-pink rinse he acquired after walking near his home in Bratton Clovelly, Devon.

Mr Worth said paint was not believed to be the cause as Brumas' fur was not matted. "It occurred to me that it could have been wet dye from a washing line or even sheep dye, but there is no way he could have got the same colour so evenly all over."

The couple, who adopted Brumas after he was found on Dartmoor and taken in by the Cats Protection League, have five other cats but none of them has been affected in the same way.

Mrs Worth, a retired shop assistant, added: "We're quite happy to live with him as a pink cat. We love him whatever his colour is."


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