Saturday, September 24, 2005

Charity shop coup

In a week when we'd already got The Complete Calvin and Hobbes earlier than expected, we've had another very exciting comics-related purchase. Browsing in a charity shop a few suburbs over, I found the very first Perishers book, in excellent condition, for just 30 pence!

If the British took their comics as seriously as the Americans do, the Perishers would have their own deluxe hardcover anthology, and probably a gallery show or two. As it is, all the collections of Britain's greatest ever strip are long out of print. (The comic still runs in greatly diminished form in The Daily Mirror, but it is no longer anthologised and, frankly, does not deserve it.) I've seen the first book going on
eBay for upwards of £30.

For more on the Perishers, see Jean Rogers' excellent
essay at the Shadow Gallery.


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