Monday, June 06, 2005

Putin's rabid response

Satire by Maxim Kononenko from The Moscow Times:

One day Vladimir Vladimirovich™ Putin was sitting in his Kremlin office and reading about rabies in a medical encyclopedia. "The symptoms of this disease include profuse salivation and a drooping tail," Vladimir Vladimirovich™ read, and then put aside the encyclopedia and picked up a memo on the state of Prime Minister Mikhail Yefimovich Fradkov's health. Suddenly, the tall doors of Vladimir Vladimirovich's™ office burst open, and a bearded man in a white gown carrying a large bag walked briskly into the room. "Hey, pal, who are you?" Vladimir Vladimirovich™ asked in surprise.

"I'm a doctor. Time for a routine checkup." ...

Read the rest. I also recommend Konenko's web site, which has a series of these vignettes. It reminds me of a comment made at last weekend's conference of student pro-democracy activists in Tirana:

"We mocked the power as much as possible," said Alina Shpak from Kiev, explaining her Pora movement's triumph in unseating the old Kuchma regime in last winter's Orange Revolution. "You can't be afraid of someone you're laughing at."


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