Thursday, June 09, 2005

From 'The Ratcatcher'

Roses are red, brawn is bare,
And the alarm-clock's un-fair.

School! School! School! School!
North-East blowing down your cagoul.

Minute your eyelid opens --
Lessons, lessons, lessons.

Warm as toast, all snug and warm --
'Ding -- ding!' goes the alarm!

Force them open, tight-shut eyes --
Rise, rise, rise, rise!

Get a hold on your brains and heart!
Dark, dark, dark, dark!

Feet -- in the tub.
Hands -- on the tap.

Make-believe's over, doldrums begin.
Lather the bloom of sleep from your skin.

By Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by Angela Livingstone


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