Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Satire on the catwalk

The Economist's latest letter from Milan reports:

Milan’s latest fashion week ended on February 26th with a hoax: a show by Serpica Naro, a supposedly up-and-coming Anglo-Japanese designer, who turned out to not exist. Serpica Naro got a place on the event's official calendar with the help of a website dedicated to his (actually, her -- L.B.) creations, complete with a press office and fictitious showroom locations.

Just before the show was scheduled to begin, organisers revealed that Serpica Naro was really an anagram for San Precario, or Saint Precarious, the mythical patron saint of those with temporary, part-time or other uncertain employment. Models then paraded outfits that played on employment issues, such as dresses that would hide pregnancy and pyjamas disguised as proper outfits.

There's an article in La Repubblica for those who read Italian (I don't), and the website of Chainworkers, the group behind the hoax, is here.


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