Tuesday, March 15, 2005

He's got the whole world ...

For some reason, I keep forgetting that not all Catholics joined the church after reading Dorothy Day. Some part of me remains convinced that even the most purse-lipped churchgoer will, with slight encouragement, become a fiery crusader for justice. Thus it was that I decided to have the latest Volodymyr Campaign demonstration outside Westminster Cathedral on a Sunday.

It turned out to be one of our worst pitches ever. We collected just two signatures in support of Marinich, and one was from a Big Issue vendor who happened to be working the area. One cathedral-goer lectured us for going out and 'making trouble for the police' (well, one of the local bobbies did slow down briefly to read our sign), instead of staying inside and praying to God to make everything better.

The day was not entirely wasted, however, because I saw someone walking out of the cathedral gift shop with a piece of pious tat that not even
Ship of Fools has discovered: a fully functional globe with a six-inch figurine of Jesus on top. I know the point is supposed to be that Jesus rules over the world, but it looked more like he'd evicted Santa Claus from the North Pole in a bid to reclaim the true meaning of Christmas. In which case he's going to wish he hadn't worn sandals.


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