Sunday, March 27, 2005


Every Easter I experience a minor miracle. By this point in the liturgical year, the lustre has worn off my faith. I get busy with various projects and forget to pray or read the Bible. My thoughts wander to my own concerns during Mass. When I do think of God, I doubt and fret as much as anyone. I become cynical and flippant about the failings of the church -- both the hierarchy and the people in the pews. There are outside factors too: many people don't see how an educated person could be a Christian in this day and age. Admitting to being a believer can get you lofty bemusement in polite circles, and outright abuse in less polite ones (such as the Internet). Jesus warned that this was a hazard of being his disciple, but that doesn't mean it doesn't take its toll.

At the
Easter Triduum, though, everything changes. I do a lousy job of preparing myself -- sometimes I don't even think of it till the evening of Holy Thursday rolls around and I realise it's time to leave for Mass. But then I get through the door and feel myself gathered up in God's arms. During these three services, on these three days, I experience perfect faith and peace.

When our hearts are wintry,
grieving or in pain,
thy touch can call us
back to life again.
Fields of our hearts
that dead and bare have been -
Love is come again,
like wheat that springeth green.

This Easter marks four years since I was baptised. Each time I can approach the festival with a bit more knowledge, both from my course and from personal experience. This year, as we read the Scripture passages for the Easter vigil -- from the sacrifice of Isaac and the drowning of the Egyptians, to Christ's triumph over violence and death -- I found myself thinking of the theories of René Girard. Which led me to discover this fantastic site. I know I'll be using this a lot in the year to come.

A joyous and blessed Easter to you all!


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